Thursday, February 2, 2012

2 dog morning

Remember Three Dog Night? Well, I had a two dog morning a couple days ago. While walking the dog down one of the busier streets, I saw a cute little dog by hi,self. As soon as he saw us, he galloped up to play and I was able to grab him. Luckily he was friendly so I picked him up and hiked back home, put my dog inside, stuck the leash on the stray and walked him up and down the street. From where I found him, I figured he'd gotten thru the back fence of his yard.

No one claimed him, but a lady I sort of know said she thought he lived a couple doors away and offered to keep him for the day (with her other 5 dogs) until they came home. I saw her a couple days later and she said it was their dog. Yay!

Went back home after leaving the dog with her. As I pulled out of my drive, I saw a different dog up the street, sniffing a bush and looking around uncertainly. I stopped and called him to me, was able to grab him and toss him in the front seat. This time I tried the house catty corner across the street cause I know they had a dog kinda like this one. A guy squinted from the front door and said it sorta looked like his dog. I asked him to get someone who could identify the damn dog cause I had to get to work. His wife ran out to the car and grabbed the dog and I gave her an earful about being a responsible pet owner and tagging your dog.

Two lost dogs in one morning (what are the odds?) and I never thought to get a picture of either one. But I do have pics of some fake Huskies that were Christmas decorations and scared the hell out of Maggie one morning. She growled and slunk around until she worked up the courage to go sniff them. Then she was totally puzzled as to why they wouldn't play. Too funny.


  1. What are the odds of that?! Well done for helping out those 2 dogs (although I'm not sure the 2nd lot of owners, in particular, deserved to get the dog back).

    Poor Maggie, the fake huskies fooled me for a second or so too!!

  2. This is too funny. Your dogs certainly give you lots of entertainment. I have never seen Huskie lawn ornaments before, but then, I live in the country. I think the dogs have put a sign somewhere on you like the old hobos did...something like nice lady will help you find home. Hugs. Beth

  3. Don't irresponsible pet owners piss you off! I was driving home to take care of Gryphon and Gwen one time and this pit bull came charging across the road - very friendly. Not sure what to do so I took her home (she just jumped in my front seat) but had to leave her in the yard as G&G would not have been happy. Turned out the owners were on vacation and the "sitter" had left a side gate open. I ended up having to take her to the pound but fortunately the sitter picked her up....believe it or not the owners were so grateful they came over (I did not know them) and dropped flowers and $50!
    I think the fake huskies are a hoot!!!!