Thursday, February 9, 2012

art ATCs

Another book page background swap came along on ATCsFORALL. I love using text as a background, so I got to work.

Started with 140lb watercolor paper and glued text from an Italian novel to them. I've become infatuated with black stitching on everything, so I stitched up and down one side and across the top.

Then I cut crumpled circles from (Vogue!) dress pattern tissue and trimmed some flowers from a panel of lace. I layered them and stitched in a rough spiral out from the center. Glued those to the card, then cut out a bunch of little pennants from the edge of the book page, stamped 'art' on them, and stitched them along the top.

The black stitching picks up the black text and I really like the simple color scheme.

Kinda vintage, kinda shabby. I'm quite happy with them.


  1. Love it! Can I steal the idea for a Tag Tuesday? Your sewing on tissue is what inspired me to make my paper towel heart and a rose. Check out Tag Tuesday. The lace on top is even better. I really like the papers and sewing together. Great job!

  2. That is so cool Leslie - a new technique I can try LOL J