Tuesday, February 7, 2012

diamonds and rust

With the images in the latest Green Paper challenge open in Photoshop, I started looking thru digital papers, hoping for inspiration, when I came across a rusty grungy paper that I liked. I opened it and began moving various other elements onto it, including the head I'd lopped off the woman earlier this evening.

Once I had a composition I liked, I needed some words and thanks to the paper, the song Diamonds and Rust came to mind. Go listen to the incomparable Joan Baez sing this haunting song way back in 1978. It's about her love affair with Bob Dylan.

While I played it thru about 5 times, I added the words to my collage, did some fine tuning and wrapped it up, 24 hours before the deadline.


  1. I like it ~ of course, I just brought a bunch of rusty things in from the garage to play with ~ and what girl doesn't like diamonds? lol! Have a great day :)

    Thanks for your comment on my collage as well!

  2. EXCEPTIONAL color & content! thank you much for sharing, blest be :)