Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Roc January '12 journal page

Roc's January prompt was "what would you like to do this year?"  Sort of New Years resolution-ish but less binding and thus less guilt inducing when you fail LOL. She has a flickr group where she posts the prompts and everyone then posts their work. I found her in June 2011 and worked backwards until I was caught up, so this is my second year and I quite like her prompts.

I've always been an impatient person, eager to get thru what I'm doing NOW so that I can get onto what's NEXT. But once I'm THERE, I'm hot to move on to the NEXT NEXT thing. Not good. Makes for mountains of UFOs (UnFinished Objects) as witnessed by the boxes of un-quilted quilt tops, and half knit mittens, and partially constructed jewelry. And I'm often left feeling dissatisfied because I haven't actually accomplished much in the way of finished goods to look at or use.

So - my general, non-binding plan for 2012 is to settle into a few things I really enjoy and then ENJOY them more. Quit buying more supplies and use what I have. Finish stuff. Slow down a bit. Stop reading the last chapter of a book before I read the first 23. Etc, etc. Sixty might be a bit late to alter such a basic part of my psyche but I'm working on it. This journal page came of those thoughts.

I love the colors in this. I started off with pink and green Distress Stains smeared and blotched onto wet 140lb watercolor paper, then blotted with a paper towel to lighten it a bit. This is a spread in the small book I made for this year's Roc prompts. It's about 4x6" so the spread is 8x6. Lots of black marker work (Pitt artist pens) and some Copic marker fill here and there. A good start to the 2012 prompts.

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