Friday, November 2, 2012

bookmarks for swap

10 followers! Whoopee!

Back in blogging mode again after a week back East visiting my cousin and the week before that trying to think of every conceivable thing that might happen while I was gone and writing out instructions on how to do it. I'm not indispensable at work but damn close LOL.

Karen at Mail Me Some Art has various swaps going all the time. One of the current ones is bookmarks, made any old way you like, as long as they fit in a book. I got fired up at the last minute and made a couple. Started with 140lb watercolor paper, then collaged with old and new papers, some inking. Punched a hole and strung some old wrinkled cotton lace thru.

The woman holding the baby pig is my mom, circa 1940. The brown ad paper is a bag from a shop in Ohio where I bought some earrings. The map is an old map of Oregon. The little farm scenes are from a page from and old French(?) agriculture book. The number circles were something Mary Ann Moss offered on her blog a while back.

I actually don't use a regular bookmark like these because they can fall out of your book too easily and nothing ticks me off more than losing my place. I use a paperclip. So maybe I'll attach a paperclip to the back of the bookmarks I get back.


  1. Welcome back! Love your bookmarks...J

  2. those are fabulous - and what an awesome picture of your mom. I have a large stack of beautiful handmade bookmarks on my nightstand and I still manage to fall asleep while reading every night and wake to the sound of the book hitting the floor (and losing my place). at least I've got some great art next to the bed :)

  3. hi! you left such a lovely compliment on my blog today, thank you. i took a gander around and i really like your blog! you've created a nice little corner here :)