Wednesday, November 7, 2012

doorknobs, earrings, scarf

Weather's cooling off so thoughts of knitting and crocheting are beginning to surface. Instead of finishing one of the 6 or 8 UFOs stacked up on the shelf, I, of course, started something new.

When I was in Ohio, the first little store we stopped at on Friday was a yarn store in Tipp City. It was in a little old house with a cool doorknob. The shop lady and my cousin both wondered what in hell I was doing bent over zoomed in on the knob, but they make great pictures and I'm developing quite a collection of them.

The next shot is a door plate from another old building we went in to. An old motel, I think it was, that now has each of the rooms filled with goods from various local artists and hand crafters. I bought a pair of earrings.

The yarn store had a interesting spiral scarf made up in several colorways. Turns out the pattern was free when you bought the yarn so next thing I knew we were picking yarn and hauling out the credit card. One skein makes two scarves and I've got Dea's done already.

The yarn is Rozetti Marina, crazy stuff that looks kind of like knobby novelty yarn in the skein, but spreads out into a web-like structure about 3 inches wide. You knit into the top edge and it makes a long, loose spiral. Very cool.

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