Friday, November 30, 2012

ornament swap

My mail art buds - Jewels and Beth - and I swapped Christmas ornaments. Here are the ones I sent out. After I get both of theirs, I'll post them.

Little birds made from Starbucks cup sleeves. I try to cut out the wings
so that I get a picture or a word or two. Rub some glue on the edges.
dab in glitter, and wa-la - birdie ornaments.

Some folks don't like glitter, and I'll admit it gets all over the place,
but I think these little guys are really cute.

I glittered them in non-Christmas colors so that they can stay out all year.

Layered, stitched circles. Saw these online or in a magazine last year
and really liked them. I've made a few different batches
and used different materials each time.
This time I stuck a few stamens between the layers for something

From the back: upholstery fabric, lace from an ancient shawl, satin from
a very old thifted slip, crinkled pattern paper, old book text,
messy black stitching.

Handmade card too! I went all out. The image is from a postcard
sent to my maternal grandmother in 1909. It's layered onto old
ledger paper, then glued to a piece of folded kraft card stock.


  1. They are super duper Leslie and I forgot to mention how cool your card was too ! :) J

  2. Loving the stitched circles but those starbuck birdies are cool! :)

  3. Oh I love all of them~! the stitched circles really catch my eye!

  4. Ornament swap---GREAT! I love the birdies since my tree is decorated with birds(how did you know?) I'm so in love with the round ornys. So much potential...I'm telling all of my friends. They may be a part of a Christmas card. Thanks so much, Leslie. xoxo