Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Harper's Bazar postcards

I bought a bunch of pages from an old Harper's at an antique shop last year while visiting Moneka in Visalia. I forget the year but they're quite old, as you can tell from the fashions. I've scanned most of them and now I'm using the originals in my art. UPDATE - the date of the Harper's is Oct 6, 1883.

Don't know where these will go yet, but possibly a couple for Postcrossing, and maybe a friend or two.

Backgrounds of the two colorful ones are gelli printed cereal boxes from that marathon gelli day I did not long ago.

The other three are collaged torn up vintage book and ledger pages, covered with watered down gesso, then a few select elements and some gel pen scribbles.

The ladies' school ads were cut from the Sept 5, 1912 edition of The Independent, a weekly magazine.

The large text was from half a book page I found while rummaging. The large words are just the right size for postcard art.

Now that I'm looking at them, the green one needs something more so I'll keep working on it.

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  1. These are great L- I have a stash of deteriorating old mags myself I need to go look at and scan to - some wonderful images especially in the advertisements LOL....nice job