Sunday, March 17, 2013

freebie farmer's almanac pages

NOTE - use these pics, not the ones in the first post I put up, in case you're using a reader. Those scans were only at 72dpi cause I'm a muffinhead today.

More scans from that 1946 farmer's almanac I picked up someplace or other. 

One of the pages has the answers to the puzzles from this post. One of you asked if I would publish them and here they are. (hopefully you're still reading me lol)

Another page is called the Principal Holidays because back in 1946, the US had no national holidays! They've all been established since then, which is practically in my lifetime. I had no idea.

As always, please don't sell them. If you make something with them, I'd love to see it. No one has ever gotten back to me that they've used it...

Have fun.

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  1. Interesting that Susan B Anthony Day was Feb 15...and I want Pan American Day off in April now (whatever that was!)... theses are cool!