Monday, January 28, 2013

freebie almanac pages

Somewhere along the way I acquired a 1946 Farmer's Almanac. That year it cost 15 cents and was in its 154th year of continuous publication. Wow, on both counts.

I'll be scanning and posting a whole lot of pages from it because they're amusing, informative of the time, and great for collages - both digital and paper. 

If you do paper-n-glue, try printing them on cream vellum. They come out looking quite vintage.  

I'd love to see anything you use them in, and as always, please don't sell them altho you can sell work made with them.



  1. Thank you for the prints! Are you going to publish page 78, with the answers to the puzzles? I'm making some atc's and these will make great backgrounds. Thanks again.

  2. I found your blog through the blogging party and have become your latest follower! You will see that I have left several comments on your posts. So excited to see a fellow book/paper/mixed media lover. Lately I've been posting about decorating projects but I plan to sneak in some other interests. I would love it if, when you get a chance, to drop on by my blog. What fun it is making a new friend!

  3. Thank you for these prints. I love the old mags and vintage what nots. What a great idea to post them to share. I need to do that with a lot of my stuff.

    1. Yeah, I'm not ambitious enough to get them all organized on Etsy, so I just give them away. I've certainly benefited from other people's freebies.

  4. Hi Leslie...Am Here To Follow And Hope You Will Stop By And Follow Me Also.. ~sabri~

  5. Several years ago I purchased several farmers almanac books from our local library, these books were copies. All the same, I have made a bunch of larger size tags with the images of the covers. These are dated very early 1900's. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Love the Farmers Almanac! Your pictures are nice to see! So glad your participated in the Grow your blog. I have met so many wonderfully talented folks in blog land. My blog remains very small, but my world has grown!