Sunday, January 13, 2013

artful Sunday

The kitchen counter where we gellied.
Those are all the papers I did - we used deli paper, copy paper,
Japanese paper, tracing paper, and some heavier white paper.
Well, I had a marvelous day.

Rhonda from our Sunday at Maria's studio (which I *still* haven't posted about!!!) came for the day and we ran wild in my studio and kitchen.

My favorites.
Fueled by endless cups of coffee/latte/tea from my Keurig, we gave her gelli plates a workout. I'd never played with one and didn't understand what all the fuss was about, but after Rhonda left for home, I ordered one from Blick.

So now I'm on the gelli train.  Those things are addicting...

I didn't think to take a single picture while she was here, of us printing away, so you only get to see the aftermath, which is very cool.

After looking at the sorts of things other artists are pulling off their gellis, I can see that I need to work on my color choices and use of stencils and other mark making things.

Plus I need some more paint colors...

Laid a fabric doily on the paint, then pulled it up
and put down the paper.
Reminds me of old temple rubbings my dad
brought back from Thailand when I was a kid.

The center one was done with one of Rhonda's large stencils.
Isn't it funny how every new pursuit requires a bunch
of accessories - more paint, some big stencils,
some cool paper. $$$$$$$

A better view of my favorites. The two one the left were done
with metallic paint - pale blue first, then pale green over it in the center.
It's fascinating to me how paint from several papers ago shows up.
Click to see them big to get the full effect.

I worked on my Venice journal toward the end of the day.
Added in a bunch of the postcards Mary Ann sent (digitally) each day,
plus some of the printables that were part of the class.
I'm still not quite sure how I'll use this journal
but I'm becoming very fond of it.
Thanks for a great day, Rhonda! I'll save your seat for next time...


  1. Thanks to YOU Leslie for inviting me! We had so much fun!! Loved playing there and look forward to net time! In the meantime, seems to me I have a challenge to work on... (I will send you the colors in a few days ok?) How many should we pick? 5? 6? you choose the number and I will choose the colors... oh I got another idea just sitting here, maybe I will take a print of the painting to Home Depot or Lowes and get paint swatches to match the colors... ohhh so many ideas!

  2. Wow Leslie - some great stuff here! I'm pretty green as I would have loved to join in (sniff)....J