Sunday, January 20, 2013

gelli madness

several layers on old sheet music
I've caught the gelli virus big time. My art friend Rhonda came over two Sundays ago with hers and I jumped online and ordered one before she even got back home with hers.

It arrived yesterday. Today is my birthday, so I stopped at Starbucks for my free birthday drink, then headed for Michaels to stock up on more colors of cheapo craft paints.

Then I met DH for lunch (salmon burritos at Rubios), then came home to plate with the gelli and watch the San Francisco 49ers win their divisional playoff game. All in all, I couldn't have asked for a better day. And it isn't over yet...

two layers on card stock
So, here's a look at the best of the papers I made today. Mostly on deli paper so that I could tear them up and collage with them, but also on an old dictionary page, a sheet of vintage music, a kleenex, a few heavy card stock papers, and the backs of some scrapbook papers that I'm making a small travel journal with for my Feb trip to visit Julie in San Diego.

This batch is more interesting than the ones I did that Sunday with Rhonda because I knew a bit more about what I was doing and used only colors I liked, plus I used more mark making items than the first time. I really like the large dots left by the plastic base that some markers came in.

The swirly marks are some grunge board cut-outs that I stenciled over and them picked up before putting the paper down.

When I say 'layers' in the captions, I mean that I made a print, let it dry while I did other ones, then used that same paper for another batch of paint. I mostly did that on ones that were boring, and I definitely like the look that multiple passes gives you.

close up of the one above
Also, using something other than blank paper was fun. I like the one on the sheet music and I've already used some of the dictionary page.

((God, I hate blogger. These pictures are going to be all over the place but hopefully you can figure it out from the captions. Oy.))

The most fun thing about the gelli plate - for me - is not knowing what it's going to look like until you pull the paper up. Surprise!

So... are you thinking about getting one yet? Huh??

Blick has them on sale and there's a  bunch of inspirational and instructive vids on YouTube.

Just sayin'...

two layers on deli paper
brayered paint on, laid down the stencil,
brayered over it, then picked it up and put the paper down

put another sheet of paper down right away and
got this secondary shadow print

a couple layers on part of an old dictionary page

this one looks cooler in person,
turquoisey dots in the yellow

kind of the reverse of the one above

love this one, it looks sort of rusty

I really like the aqua and orange combo

more dots made with the plastic base that some markers came in

put some cream colored paint down after the above print and got this


  1. Love the first one; very "churchy" - in a good way!

  2. Oh my you sure had fun!!! Love the one with orange and the turquoise circles! Now I want to go play with mine some more! LOL I can't wait to see some of the great stuff you will make with yours!

  3. Really like the way your papers turned out. I follow this website: there are so many possibilities. Have fun. Hugs bb

  4. Lovin all the stuff you've done - Lenna has expressed an interest in doing this and I told her to check you out!