Tuesday, January 8, 2013


It's been right around 30F for the past several mornings. Way too damn cold for me, but it makes for some good photo ops. The leaves of my coral bells in the front garden were lovely yesterday.

this isn't coral bells and I'm not sure what it is


  1. You have an amazing eye to capture all that ice just right... gorgeous photos!

    1. Ha! I squat down in the frozen grass and snap about 20 pics as fast as I can. Usually a few are usable. That's my big photography tip for the week. But thanks. It isn't tough when everywhere I look there's something cool. Instagram is chock full of frozen foliage pics lately.

    2. Wasn't it Ansel Adams who said he takes 20 rolls of film to just get one perfect photo? Course that was before digital and photoshop! LOL