Thursday, January 10, 2013

a good swap

The neat card she made me. Love the sprigged paper along the edges.
I ran into Jan somewhere - a swap, a forum. Now I feel like a dolt cause I can't remember, but anyway we decided to swap prayer flags. Actually, it was prolly via Lenna's flag swap.

We both like old lace and vintage stuff, so here's what went back and forth across the ocean. (she's in England)

The beautiful flag she sent.
It's so much cooler in person cause the fabric flower
is totally squished by the scanner.
The old rayon seam binding is great. Love it all. 
It's so rewarding to have a swap go well. My package took forever to get there and I was just about to start working on another flag for her when she let me know it finally arrived. Good thing - I was about to go down and picket the P.O.!

Thanks, Jan!

She included a bunch of neat Christmas ephemera.
I used the kid on the sled on my December
calendar page here.
The flag I sent her. Lots of vintage lace and bits of
an ancient shawl.

A little cluster of clippings on the back.
The green backing is an old piece of silk, lovely stuff.

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  1. Thanks again for a fabulous swap Leslie, I Love the flag that you created for me :) Jan x