Monday, January 14, 2013

shopping 011413, pt 1

Ran my 1948 Underwood Champion typewriter up to Stockton today to have it looked at. The ribbon doesn't advance properly and it turns out to have it worked on would cost me about $170. I only paid $15 for it and couldn't justify paying that much, so I brought it back home and will advance the ribbon manually for the few words I'll type here and there.

On the way up and back, I stopped at a couple antique shops and thrift stores, and finally Target when I was almost home. Target had some cool stuff in the office supply area. Four-packs of washi tape for $4.00. Each pack has the same designs in different coordinating colorways.

At first I put only the blue and orange in my cart, but after standing there for a moment, I added the other two. A dollar a roll? How could I not?? It doesn't say how much is on each roll but it appears to be at least as much as the rolls I buy for $2.50 and up each.

They also had some cute little rolls of wrapping paper in the dollar section by the front door. I like that the backgrounds are just brown paper and thought the designs would be good for collage backgrounds, book end papers, that sort of thing.

Got a Target nearby? Might wanna stop in...

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