Saturday, January 12, 2013

Roc prompt

This month's prompt was 'if you were to get a new pet, what would it be?'

Since Mabel took up residence in December, I had no trouble thinking what to journal about.

She's still living upstairs, like a maiden aunt who's too shy to come down to dinner, but she's fattened up quite a bit and seems very content with her lot in life.

Maggie, our dog, continues to be fascinated by the fact that a real live cat lives in the house and stares at Mabel with rapt attention, so focused that when Mabel moves, Maggie twitches in response.

This morning I was in the kitchen when I suddenly heard a high, shrieking AR-AR-AR-AR-AR  from the guest room.

I galloped up the steps hollering both their names, not sure what was going on. Just as I hit the landing, Maggie shot out of the guest room and passed me on the stairs at about 70 miles an hour.

When I peered into the bedroom, Mabel was sitting in the middle of the floor, licking one paw. She turned and stared at me, paw in mid-air.

Yes? Did you want something?

We stared at each other for a moment, then I went back downstairs to make sure Maggie hadn't lost an eye or something, but I didn't see any damage. This evening she would barely venture up the steps with me when I went up to change. Lesson learned - don't MESS with the CAT!

The background is a paper napkin with a used tea bag torn up and glued here and there. I'm currently in love with used tea bags as background accents. Circles punched from a barn roof magazine page. A couple pics of Mabel, some markers and white gel pen.


  1. Mabel is a really cool cat. I love her coloration. She is a cat of good fortune. She would be a good subject for a hikau to go with your neat journal page. Oh boy, we both have new babies to live with. Hugs. bb

  2. Being a dog owner for many years, I am always curious about cat stories. But cat and dog stories seem to be the best ones by far. ;) LOL Lovely journal spread. I used to keep a composition notebook journal with all kinds of collagey bits and drawing bits... and anything else that would accept a dot of adhesive, but time seems thin these days, and I find myself trying to juggle the sewing bug that takes hold of me while keeping the drawing skills exercised. I'll have to play with some glue soon. Too bad 2013 didn't come with longer than 24 hour days... *sigh* Add the blogging, pinterest, facebook, and twitter activity to the mix, and it's a wonder I can keep clean clothes circulating in the house. :-O