Tuesday, January 8, 2013

what are those things??

Boy, have I fallen off the blogging wagon lately. Sorry. Year-end at a retail business is nothing but hair pulling, report running, late nights, and angst. Add in a massive computer failure and a husband leaving on a fishing trip and it's just madness as far as the eye can see.

However, that's all behind me now and I'm back in the studio. Yay. Here's a goofy journal page I made last summer, I guess. I always forget to date them and since they have no event-linked significance, I can't recall when I made them.

Anyway, I got a short stack of old Popular Mechanics from... somewhere. Don't get old, you can hardly remember your own name sometimes. In leafing thru them, I came to this ad for the latest in diving gear and knew it was destined for greatness. Mainly, her bosoms cracked me up. Actually the whole image is funny but I just couldn't take my eyes off those pointy boobs. She could put his eye out if she leaned over.

The background is the inside of an opened up security envelope. The rest is just markers and pens. And some goofy doodles. I love doodles on other people's pages but think mine looks like the work of a bored and not terribly talented 9 year old. Not a real technical page but a fun one.


  1. Are you catching up or what LOL....I find the funniest pics in old Popular Mechanics - love yours! J

    1. Yes, I am! Hadn't realized how long it'd been so I cranked out a few before I ran off to work this morning. Isn't she a hoot?!