Tuesday, January 8, 2013

washi washi

I was the lucky winner of a $25 shopping spree at Retro Art Cafe. I spent about an hour looking at practically every item she had for sale, then ended up getting a bunch of washi tape that was on sale.

I have a tough time passing up a sale anyway, and the fact that I was getting SALE stuff for FREE was just irresistible.

Actually maybe that was kinda dumb, now that I write it out in black and white.

Maybe I shoulda spent real money on sale stuff and bought something expensive at full price that I wouldn't normally spring for, huh?

Oh, well - too late now.

Behold the washi-ness.

Orange, green, blue, stripes, polka dots, scribbles, lines, flowers.

Love the airmail one.

And the pale pink stripes.

And the green with dots.

And the graph paper with equations.

These latest ten don't make me the Queen of Washi, but they do up my collection to the point where I need a better storage system. Maybe one of my old pearl cotton boxes...


  1. DROOL...
    You got some great ones!

  2. ha ha I would have done EXACTLY the same thing...

  3. Love the tape too. Found your blog via the grow your own blog project. Look forward to reading more of your posts.