Tuesday, January 8, 2013

December & January

Out with 2012. I did pretty well writing a little something in my December calendar. Only a couple days where so little happened that I couldn't think of a single word worth recording. December's haiku reads:

oh no, December!
month of pine trees and eating and
excessive spending

In with 2013 - January is going well so far. <the pic is a few days old> Still need to decorate the page a bit more and think of a haiku for the month.

As with December, I just drew a grid for the days so that the marvelous painted pages could show thru. They were painted by Marinda and I got them in a duct tape journal swap. Quick, fun way to make a book, and it's easy to add more pages after the fact.

I'm hooked on the process of recording just a snippet of each day. One friend is using hers to record her art time. That's a great idea, makes you a bit more accountable to make time for yourself.


  1. Oh my - these are great - very rich - love the idea of recording haiku - I tend to be happy I just made it through another day so much more boring entries..thanks for dropping by. My January mail idea has "consolidated" just need to execute. Hugs and stay warm (she said from the depths of Michigan where we are going up to 40+ tomorrow - so sorry)

  2. love your colors Leslie! I like the haiku idea too! Your pages help keep me inspired!