Monday, January 14, 2013

shopping 011413, pt 2

The two antique stores yielded some good vintage stuff, altho I was appalled by the prices on just about everything. I am not totally out of touch with what old stuff costs and both these places were high, but I still came away with a few things.

This frame and the printing are gorgeous.
The old photo was $4. I find cabinet cards regularly for $2-3 but this was the cheapest one in the pile. The rest were $5-8 for cards that were nothing special. But I liked this one and knew I'd get some good use from it.

The postcards were all a dollar each. There was a big stack of them, and instead of going thru them from the front and risk falling in love with a $5 one, I went thru them from the back and set aside all the $1 ones. Then I put the others back and went the the $1 ones from the front, keeping the ones I liked. Good system for not spending too much!
Love the moss roses.

I plan to make some stuff for my Etsy shop which currently has nothing in it cause I haven't fired it up yet. Wanted to get a bunch of things together so that it didn't look too bare.

I'll be putting several crazy quilt items in there also. Lovely stuff stitched by me back when my hands could handle those small needles and tiny stitches.

You hardly ever see a dog on one of these old cards.

I'm not sure what the hell this caption means.
Anyone got any ideas?


  1. I wonder if the 57 is some kind of reference to the Heinz campaign "57 varieties"
    It's a bit mystifying - which only makes it better in my book!

  2. A riot- I immediately thought of ketchup too!

  3. Do they mean the do variety they also said about a dog of many breeds--a real heinz 57. who knows but I hve some old postcards that are pretty racy for their time as well. I love your vintage finds.