Thursday, January 10, 2013

Jack in white

My San Diego friend Julie lent me a bunch of her old family photos to scan. Among them was this marvelous picture of her father Jack. I just love it. His big grin, his crossed ankles, his little knee socks. Too effing cute!

When Christmas rolled around, I came across that pic while looking for something else and knew I had to do something with it. Julie and I always exchange something handmade, so I printed off the pic and went to work.

I swathed it in old lace, draping and stitching as I went with no real plan. My inspiration was the totally scrumptious things that Suzy makes. Go look at her blog. Scroll thru a few posts so that your brain can really take in the sumptuousness of her work. I can't even imagine how much lace she puts into each project. Gorgeous work.

Anyhow, being such a ohmygodIcan'tuseitallup!!! person, I did my level best to go crazy, but it still looks pretty skimpy compared with hers LOL.

I hung a bit of old chain with a Tim Holtz metal tag that says 'cherish' on it, and glued a fancy vintage button up in the corner. Click to embiggen altho it isn't crystal clear. I scanned it but should have taken better pictures.

The back is a page from a geography book her mother made in 8th(?) grade. She knows I love old paper and actually use it, so she gave me the book. I was amazed. It is so cool. Full of her handwriting and pictures she clipped and glued in. Lots of the red highlighting that you see in the picture. Very very cool.

Julie loved it!

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  1. Wow....what a gorgeous a personal gift...Love it!!