Monday, March 18, 2013

wanna swap postcards?

Got some postcards here that need a new home. Who wants to swap some mail art??

I've been working on these for a couple days and this morning managed to finish them up, in between laundry, re-potting broccoli seedlings, arbitrating the ongoing dog/cat wars rough housing play, and drinking cappuccinos. 

Since I got a Keurig, I've gotten hooked on the hazelnut cappuccinos produced by Grove Square. They're 12 k-cups to a box for $4.58 (only 38 cents ea!) at my local Winco and I love them. I drink them straight, and I drink them over a pack of instant hot chocolate in a big mug in what I call a hazelmochaccino. It's very good. 

Anyway, I'm sure I drink too many of them but it's one of my few vices and it's cheaper than the coffee shop. Or therapy.

You've seen a couple of these before but I added some gel pen doodles and dots and now they're done!

The elements used on the first two cards are from that 1946 American Home magazine. I stuck the woman in the toaster and I crack up every time I look at her.

If you wanna swap, email me at maugreall at gmail dot com and let me know which one you want along with your addy. I'll mail it off and you can get a hand made one out to me when you get to it. 

Hopefully not too long lol cause all I'm getting lately is bills.


  1. that toaster one cracks me up too! and in my house, he who lives with his head in the clouds misses out on the pie altogether. pie waits for no man.

  2. I'm debating - they are ALL wonderful LOL

  3. I love the vintage twist to the collages, especially toaster gal! I have a keurig too, I love that thing. No need to go to the coffee shop!!

  4. I love the one with the dog and stars. Super cute!

    I have a Senseo machine and it uses pads, here it's 1.50euro for a pack of 20 off brand pads. They're not flavored or anything, but I really love being able to make one up at a time! :)

    Thanks for stopping by my blog! I hope you have a wonderful day!

  5. Love the playful nature of your pieces! They all made me smile!