Monday, May 26, 2014

channeling Teesha

I still remember the first time I saw one of Teesha Moore's journal pages. I could hardly believe all the detail - tons of pen work, very cool lettering, bizarre creatures. I thought they were weird and wonderful. In fact, I still think that. I also knew I needed to try my hand at it. That was several years ago and I've made a handful of them since, but just lately have gotten better at sticking with the page until it's nice and loaded with stuff. That's always been an issue with me - quitting before there are enough layers or enough stitches or enough detail. But I'm getting better at it.

My art bud Rhonda was down for the day about a month ago and we each made one of Teesha's 16 page journals, then each started a Teesha-type page. I'm not showing that one today because I accidentally sat a sticky piece of paper on it and goobered up some of it. <heavy sigh>  So I'm showing the second one I did.

The initial inspiration was the seahorse. He was weird enough looking all by himself and I wanted to build a page around him. Found the mussel which made a great body, drew some seaweed type stuff, did a bunch of doodling, etc, etc. Still need to get better (bolder?) with the shadowing but I'm happy with the page. Double click on the image to see it huge.

Here's the link to all Teesha's marvelous videos on how she does her journal pages. It's basically a FREE art journaling class. Go make one.


  1. Way To Go!!
    p.s. There's no link on your post.

  2. Very cool Leslie - I went and quickly watched her first video...thanks for sharing

  3. I'm going to use the expression "goobered it up" for the rest of my life I think. :-)
    Love your page!

  4. I suffer from the same malady - quit too soon. I reach the point that I'm afraid I'll mess up what I already have or I'm not sure what to do next, so I convince myself it's done.....Like you - workin' on it! :) This page is very Teesha-like. She has such a distinctive style; I can always pick our her work! It's often a bit jumbled for me, but I like's similar to her style with the oddball elements, but it's less cluttered than hers.

  5. Oh Leslie, this is delightful!! It's funky and fun without being too-much. I love it.