Thursday, May 15, 2014

oy... so behind

Cleaned up the studio a bit and found a pack of paper frames that I bought years ago and never used. No more of that, I'm going on a use-it-or-lose-it campaign, so I found a pic and made a post card. It's on the way to a mail art pal who shall remain nameless but will now recognize this card when it shows up in her mailbox.

The background was a fail from a painting experiment, if I remember correctly. Or might have been the newspaper I use as a table covering while I'm working. In any case, I added some more color with Distress Stain, used some Tangie grunge stamps, stamped some circles with the cardboard tube from something or other (I save pretty much every cardboard tube I come across cause they make such good stamps), did some doodling. Wa-la - art!


  1. I gotta do some use it or lose it! This turned out great - even with the "fail"! Nice

  2. I have those same paper frames. I used some when I bought them years ago, but there they have sat ever since.

  3. With the use it or lose it mentality, I could work for years and never buy another piece of paper! I know that won't happen but I can certainly pull it back. Sometimes having too many choices is overwhelming and the really cool stuff we bought "way back when" gets buried and overlooked! I got a whole batch of p/c last week so need to have a bit of p/c production happen this week!