Monday, October 6, 2014

I like autumn

Autumn was my mom's favorite season, and as a kid, I thought she was nuts. Who doesn't love summer? No school, play all day, hot summer nights with the boys. Ah, those were the days. 

But as I got older I developed a real appreciation for fall. The cooler weather is nice, the trees are lovely (even here in N California), I like the flowers of autumn. Even the darker mornings and earlier evenings are ok, giving me the urge to bake and cook more since I can't be out in the garden.

This morning I decided to decorate a bit and dug the autumn boxes out of the attic. I gave up the decorating for seasons thing years ago. Just lost the oomph to get it out, put it away, etc. But I enjoyed looking at things I hadn't had out in a couple years, and did the mantle and fireplace area, which is sort of the only place I have to decorate. We pretty much live in the kitchen and family room, so the effort is wasted anywhere else.
The full view.

I made all the pumpkins years ago with my friend Moneka.
Those curly willow branches live in the huge Mason jar all year. 

Most of this stuff was on the mantle until I moved it down here just now.
I like the look so maybe it'll just stay there thru the holidays.

A small collage I made a couple years ago.
The lace on the bottom is from an ancient shawl I bought
30 years ago and have been hauling around ever since.

My husband made the clock and the wooden box is vintage.
Not sure what it was before I bought it but I love it.
The green 9 drawer chest behind it is another favorite piece.


  1. Looks lovely! I love the little whimsical bits that peek out around your house! Plus autumn colors are so gorgeous!

  2. My mom loved October -- and I love fall too so I definitely approve of fall decorating. I have my three pumpkin s sitting on my front porch -- even tho SF is WAY TOO HOT!

  3. October is my favorite month (and not just because of my birthday and Canadian Thanksgiving lol). Love your fireplace decor! Just wish winter wasn't next :(

  4. Fab! I love the chests and what you've done on top - I can see why they're fave pieces. The mantel is well done - balanced and colorful and so fall! I'd say you're certainly ready to welcome the season. I meant to get my little bit of fall out last weekend and didn't - maybe now I'll get busy since you've inspired me!