Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Post cards

I've been tearing out images that grab me for years and filling boxes and file folders with them. What I haven't been doing with them is using them for anything, so this weekend I zipped thru a box, used some and threw the rest away. Felt good. I may work my way thru a few more boxes.
Meanwhile here are the cards I made. They're all on cardboard cut from a shoebox I was about to throw away.
I'm doing this post on my tablet using photos I took with the tablet camera, which I think might not be all that hot, so if the whole thing sucks when I look at it on my puter later, my apologies and I'll redo it.

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  1. I SO know what you mean - I've been trying to organize my studio and cannot believe the amount of paper hanging around in boxes that all seemed to good to throw out "just in case". You've inspired me to take another stab at destashing LOL

  2. Speaking of destashing.... *rolling my eyes* I still have so much to get rid of! But I always love the way you use those little morsels and tidbits you find Leslie! You are so good at that!