Monday, January 26, 2015

#dlp2015 weeks 3 & 4

Still January so we're still making backgrounds with book text and working on coping with the blank page.
There's a book page background that you pretty much can't see beneath
the gesso layer. Color is all Neocolor II crayons blended with water. I had a plan
when I started but it went by the wayside at some point and I ended up with this.
<sigh> Wasn't much inspired by the quote. Tried to perk things up a bit with the
black and white doodles but not real thrilled with it.
Strips of book text with distress stains rubbed all over, then gesso,
then watery black acrylic paint brushed along the edges. Dribbled
watercolors down the page for some more color. The "words with friends"
theme instantly made me think of all the words I've exchanged with
friends on the backs of the mail art we've sent back and forth. So I chose
a handful of my fave cards, printed them out real small and glued them on.
Black pen scribbled frames, and some writing. The "#mailart" is actually
a weird blue metallic gel pen but it scanned a very odd color. I like this page
a lot, the overall colors appeal to me.


  1. So far so good on the DLP! :) I really like your take on 'words with friends'....i haven't quite figured out my direction yet. Fun to see you participating with this too!

  2. At least you are keeping up! Week 3 and I am already behind! LOL I like the one with the mailart too, nice colors!

  3. I especially love the top piece -- I think it's perfect!