Thursday, January 1, 2015

the Christmas scarf

My work pal Amy is a crocheter, a rather amazing one. Her grandma taught when she was little, but she doesn't know the names of the stitches she makes and she can't read patterns. She just looks at something and figures out how to make it. Scarves, tops, hats, shawls - all sorts of crazy stuff that turns out great with no pattern at all. As I said, amazing.
But she wanted to learn so I told her to go sign up at Ravelry and choose a scarf pattern and I'd teach how to make it so that she could learn which stitch is which, what the abbreviations mean, and how to follow along when it's all written down. So we met up at Starbucks a week later and sat down to learn. She's a bright girl and within minutes had it figured out with a bit of explanation from me.
That was a Monday, our day off. On Tuesday, she wore the new scarf to work. Did I mention she's also crazy fast?
Anyway, what with her newly unleashed crocheting skilz, we decided to make scarves for each other. I have a ton of stash yarn that I need to burn thru so I picked out a beautiful Noro Kochoran, color # 14, and here's the lovely scarf she made me. I tend to make lacy scarves, so the fact that this one is thick and poofy makes me love it all the more. The yarn is a bit sheddy, but I'm hoping that will wear off, and anyway that's why there's lint brushes, right?
As you can see, I have another skein of yarn and plan to make fingerless mitts to match.
And I need to get good pics of the scarf I made her.


  1. What a nice project to do with your pal! happy New Year, Leslie. And you need a nice cozy scarf with this cold weather we are having in CA.

  2. simply luscious! fab colors - a skill i don't have, but should maybe add to the list! :) Happy New Year.