Monday, January 12, 2015

published! woo hoo!

Months (and months) ago the Cloth Paper Scissors publication Pages had a call for mini zines, the little folded-from-one-sheet-of-paper booklet things. I'd made a few recently so I sent in pics or a sample or whatever it was they asked for. Never heard a word back, but then a couple weeks ago my San Diego friend Julie emailed me that pics of my work were in a magazine. I couldn't even think what she was talking about, so she emailed a photo and said "the current issue of Pages!".
Well, my work friend Amy had just given me that magazine for Christmas and it was sitting right next to me on the coffee table as I was looking at the pics Julie sent me. What are the odds?
I snatched up the mag, turned to the right page and went WOO HOO!
Too funny that I'd had the magazine for a few days but hadn't paged all the way thru it yet.
I was never contacted that my submission was accepted, and maybe that's how they do it, but seems like it'd be cool to let you know, ya know?
Anyway, here I am. And I'm including a clean scan of the original file so that you can print it out and fold it up and have your own copy of my published zine. My little gift to the cosmos, or at least to that part of it who read this blog. Print at full bleed onto 8.5x11 paper. Fold and cut as per here or here. Fold so that the cover "Life in" is at the front. Ta-da. Go forth and make your own. Fun to do with kids too.
Mine is the bottom photo here and the left hand one below.


  1. Congrats Leslie, that's so fantastic!

  2. Excellent!!! How exciting -- and yes, they certainly should let you know. They have good taste picking your work -- congrats!

  3. I picked up a copy at B&N and can now tell all my friends I know a published "art tist" LOL....congrats L :)

  4. Congrats Leslie! You do such great work so it is about time someone showed the rest of the world! Way to go!

  5. OMG - what a treat! I've thought many times of submitting to one of their 'calls' - maybe I'll add that to this year's goal list. That is just so exciting!! Good on ya......

  6. that's fantastic - congratulations. It's well deserved - that zine is one of my faves.