Monday, January 26, 2015

dog walk cats

In my doggy travels around the neighborhood, I often see cats and always try to take a pic. 
Here's a selection of recent ones.
Don't know this one personally but love how he's just plunked down
in the dirt under the stop sign. Not a real cat-like place to sit.

This is Theo. He lives on the corner down a few houses from me.
Tried to catch him cruising across the bridge but no dice.

Don't know this guy's name but he lives across the street.
Love the casual arm dangle.

This is LB (Lazy Bones) sleeping in a bare spot in the lawn.
Is it just me or does that seem like a weird spot for a cat to sleep?
They usually like to be out of sight.

Theo again, different day.

Don't know this guy, he was a few streets over, just hunched
in the middle of the road. I took his pic, then shooed him out of the road.


  1. You miss those kittens I can tell! LOL Cute pix. I don't see too many cats outside where I am, too close to a busy road I think. These are living the life of leisure it looks like!

  2. what a funny collection of resting spots for these guys. my cat has cabin fever. there's soooo much snow, and it's so cold. He begs to go out, I let him, and then he realizes nothing has changed in the last hour and he begs to come back in.