Saturday, July 2, 2011

icad 6/28 - 7/1 & a social art experiment

Here are my icads for the last few days. There's everything from a weird self portrait to Annette Funicello. Variety R Us.

Some navel gazing.

An ode to my favorite pastime. 

Playing with stencils and Distress Stains. (I bought every color. Shhh.)

Annette, one of my long ago wannabes along with Nancy Drew and Penny from Sky King.

I started a little PBS book club here in town. There are 5 of us who meet every other Thursday. We pick a book, read it, discuss it a bit, pick another book, etc. Unfortunately I've discovered that I don't enjoy reading by committee and on a schedule. It just drains all the pleasure out of it and I'm left feeling obligated to finish the damn thing whether I like it or not. Plus I get fidgety sitting there while we wander off the book topic onto whatever else.
So... this past Thursday I took along index cards, several black markers of various widths, and a whole box of my super cheapo markers. Only three of us showed up. I got out my art stuff, slid an index in front of each of them and said, "Draw."
"Draw what?"
"Anything. Whatever you like."
They both watched me for a moment, then each picked up a black marker and began to doodle. The one woman - a bit loud, good sense of humor, reads nothing but mysteries - covered her entire (first) card with thick heavy wavy lines of mostly darker colors, blunting several tips in the process, which is why I bought the cheapies.
The other woman - quiet, somewhat unhappy, reads police procedurals - drew wispy flowers and suns.
When they stalled out, I slid another card over, and eventually another. While tentative at first, soon they were rooting thru the marker box for just the right color and getting into it a bit. We were there almost 2 hours and in that time, each of them did 3 cards while I did two, which I'll use for 7/2 and 7/3. They both took their cards home, slid carefully between the pages of their books. I forgot to take pics, doh!
It was an interesting evening and next time I plan to take card stock ATC backgrounds, magazines and glue sticks. I'll be sure to report back on my great social art experiment.


  1. Leslie Sowden, Social Engineer

  2. Oh this is FUN! I'm thrilled that this worked and your group got so INTO drawing. What an interesting idea to compare the personalities you see each week with what was created on the cards. I run a women's brainstorming group and often bring a rainbow of markers and index cards but no-one ever uses them... I bet those cards will become book marks!

    I agree with you about book clubs, great synopsis of what happens (no pun intended).

  3. Yes, to your thoughts on book clubs. I belonged to one for years, but found more socializing that discussing the book...which is alright, but it held me back. I belong to a new group of 6...meeting at my house on Thurs.and discussing "Little Bee". Will be fun.

    I think your ICAD sharing is a great idea. I have told a number of moms about it for their bored children. People always surprise me at their abilities especially when they see it is non-judgemental. That's why I love just happens.

    Annette F., I loved Bandstand. I was a devoted fan. NIce of you to bring it up.LOL... I mean how long ago that was.

    Hope you are enjoying your garden!

  4. now I wanna know just WHO annette is?

  5. Annette was the most famous Mouseketeer on The Mickey Mouse Club Show. Go here to see all things Annette.
    You and I are of an age... I guess the Mickey Mouse club Show never made it to Britain, huh?