Thursday, July 28, 2011

we made books

My friend Julie always visits in July. Julie in July. It has a nice ring. Last year, for one day of her visit, we made some pincushions from a book we got cheap at Barnes & Noble the day before. I have tons of fabric from my crazy quilting days and the upholstery samples worked great. Those were fun, picking out buttons for the centers and admiring each other's handiwork.

When I went to see her in January, we did some dyeing. Came out great... however, I can't find a photo of it, so here's one of us in Old Town instead.

When we were planning her visit for this year, I suggested maybe some fabric journal pages like I've posted about recently. Julie countered with books because she liked the ones I posted from Lenna's little book swap that I posted about here and the next 3 posts after that. That was fine with me, so I ordered up some linen thread for binding, swiped a couple tables from work and set up a book making shop in my living room.

We had a really good time at it and ended up spending two entire days tearing up old books and calendars, measuring and cutting, trying to figure out the various binding instructions. (note to future writers of how-to books - save us all some gray hairs and test drive your instructions by having a person of average intelligence who is completely unfamiliar with what you're doing, actually make one of whatever it is)
the book making sweatshop

We ended up with half the studio supplies out in the  front room. The bird and the dog kept us company as we worked away, and we each ended up with several books to show for it.

I expect I'll use mine for journaling. Julie has no idea what she'll do with hers. She's all into the process now and has made several more books since she got home.

No telling what we'll do next time.

Julie's Where in the World book

made from a freebie calendar of California

made from a calendar of Tuscany


  1. Oh my, can I join you next time? Very productive. You know you are serious when you set something up in the living room. Looks like you had a blast. I really like the way your calendar books turned out. Probably easier to work on than those little books. I think the books are just lovely and what a fun time with your Julie.

  2. Hi Leslie .. just popped over from Full Tilt Boogie. Looks like you are well on your way with some fabulous journals and a friend who likes to play. How good does it get! Your blog is fantastic ... going to explore now. :o) Donna

  3. love the pics
    miss you down here
    Mentally waved as we drove from yosemite to SF on Sunday.
    K: )