Friday, July 8, 2011

you bug me mail art

I'm in a little mail art group of 3-4 women and the theme for July was bugs, but they had to be hand drawn. None of us are hand drawing pros, we're more the collaging/journaling type, so hand drawing a bunch of bugs was a challenge. I knew I wanted to use the words 'you bug me' on my envelopes, so I wrote that on the front in big letters, then added bugs every place. On the back of each envie, I drew one large insect. Added a bunch of stamps and mailed them off. Too much fun.

I wrote the addresses in the E in ME. The recipients liked them, so I consider them a success, altho I'll never make a living illustrating entomology books. (the purple squiggles are not part of my art, it's where I blanked out my address in Photoshop)  I did the black work with various permanent markers, then colored with my Copics.

I've received one of the three I'm expecting. When they all arrive, I'll blog about them.



  1. Well done for hand drawing those bugs! I particularly like the large dragonfly.

    Great Mail Art.

  2. They are marvelous!! I am happy to be a recipient. Thank you, Leslie.

  3. Leslie, you left a comment on my blog about my stained fabric... and no, not any grapes. Purple onion skins! Can you believe the green and gold tones that came from them?! And yes, Kenzy is an Abyssinian, the second I've ever owned. I had my first one for 19 years. They are awesome cats! Very unique personalities, sorta' like a dog!

  4. Wow - glad I got to see the backs of all three Leslie - good job!

  5. I luuved my MailArt. I especially love dragonflies, we thought on the same lines. I like the fine detail and colors. You really captured the delicacy of bugs. Great drawing!