Friday, July 8, 2011

swap-bot ATCs - photo heavy post

I joined Swap-Bot recently and earned my chops by doing a bunch of ATC swaps. S-B has a ratings system to keep out the flakes, and before you can join some of the more involved swaps, you have to rack up some points. To do that, I searched out ATC swaps, something I know how to do fairly well.

Vintage Women - scrapbook paper background, vintage sheet
music, scrap of old paper from the back of an ancient picture
frame, bits of vintage lace, gel medium transfer of woman.
Luuuv this one. Almost couldn't give it away.

Arch ATC - background is a page from an old book,
old text stamp in brown ink, ads from May 1948 issue
of Popular Mechanics,  gel medium transfer of vintage
man in bathing suit.

B is for... - this was an alphabet swap for the letter B. Hand
drawn bird on watercolor paper, colored with Copic markers,
3 stamped Bs.
Color my ATC - the idea is to draw something that the
recipient can color in. I, of course, drew a bird, what else. Added a flower and some leaves.

Mixed Media ATC - had to use at least 3 techniques,
I think it was. I used paint, stamping, stencils, tissue
paper, collage, ink, gel medium transfer. I called this
one Ghost Riders and I really like it.
Green - everything on the ATC had to be green. Started with
a paint chip and just kept adding stuff. The green vertical
strip at left is the edge off computer paper. 

Paint chip - the background is a paint chip from Home Depot.
Papers, Distress Stains, watercolor, more cut up paint chips,
more computer paper edges, tissue paper. I called it
Day at the Beach.

Pointed hat or crown - old book pages, bit of an old map,
Distress Stain, floral images, cut out vintage child,
crown cut from wine label and tarted up with metallic

Pointy hat/crown - old book pages and papers, roses
from a magazine, stenciled sequin waste, paint, vintage
image, crown cut from wine label.

Starbucks was the theme. Background is part of one of their
brochures, stamped circles from another brochure, cut an
Italian lesson from a book, tissue paper strips, Distress
Stained the edges, dribbled some watercolor paint,
stamped Starbucks.

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