Thursday, July 28, 2011

old turquoise shed

This marvelous old turquoise shed sits in a patch of dead grass in an older part of town. None of the buildings near it are painted the same color and I always wonder what possessed someone to paint it turquoise. Was the paint on sale? Did they just get a wild hair?

Every time I go by, I think I've gotta take pictures of that before it falls over. Well, I finally just pulled the car to the curb the other day because the light was right for some great shadows from the vine. I haven't played with these in Photoshop yet, but I bet a couple of them will look really good in black and white.

For some reason I'm really into turquoise lately...


  1. That is one cool building Leslie - and what great pics! Even the shadow looks a lovely shade of turqoise...

  2. I'm glad you took such a unique picture. I love the vine and shadows. And I love turquoise. I have a brightly painted book cupboard in my living room that is solid oak painted turquiose. People keep telling me I should strip it and it would be a beautiful golden oak antique. I like it just the way it is! My favorite colors~ blue and green. You have a good eye.