Monday, November 7, 2011

FTB journal #2

For my second FTB journal I used an old book cover. It was pretty boring, so I dropped some India ink on it, then blew it around with a straw. Much better. From my silk ribbon embroidery days, I have boxes and boxes of the stuff in all colors and width, ruffled, sparkly, hand dyed, you name it. I want to use it up cause I'll never get the value out of it by selling it, so I cut a bunch of 8"-10" lengths of just about every color, then folded them over and sewed them to the center fabric tape. Definitely an odd look but I like it well enough. It's very tactile and interactive, just begs you to fluff up the strands and run your fingers thru them.

The signatures are made up from the signature swap we did in the group, plus some I'd made. Actually, I haven't photographed those yet, so I guess this post is just about the cover! Well, there's one shot of the journal standing up so you get a glimpse of the pages.

I'd neglected to watch the 'preparing to bind' vid before I got my cover and pages ready,
so I spent a completely useless hour making holes in the thick book cover.
After I realized my @#$%* mistake, I decided to put grommets in the holes
and call them a design feature!

Silk ribbon lusciousness.

All sorts of fun pages made from such a wide variety of papers. It's so much fun to see other people's work.

The bound signatures with my tapestry fabric tapes. 

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  1. LOve the ribbons. Very dramatic! This project has a whole different feel...more contained. Can't wait to see what you do. You are so talented.