Wednesday, November 2, 2011

this & that

1. Blueberry dye. I always keep a little tub of thawed Costco organic blueberries in the fridge for cereal, pancakes, scones - whatever. As they thaw, they release some juice. I usually pour it off but the other day, I put it in a small dish, added a splash of vinegar for mordant, and plopped in a few small pieces of lace. A minute in the microwave to set it, then I rinsed it out and let it dry. Wa-la. A lovely lavender.

2. Sunrise. I love sunrise. It's maybe my favorite time of day, even if I'm not actually up for it most of the time. Last week I was driving to an event out in the boonies and rounded a bend to find the rising sun lighting up the hills. I immediately pulled over and snapped a couple gorgeous pics.

3. Poppy pics. I planted some pots for the back yard the other day and among the various flowers were a couple poppy plants. One evening, I noticed that one of them had a couple blooms. It was a bit dark so I shot with a flash and a very shallow depth of field. It came out very dramatic.

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  1. Oh my, what great pictures. The landscape would be great as a basis for a painting. I love the colors. And the poppies, how stark and beautiful. You could enter them in a photo contest. (oh come on, take a chance) Great job!