Monday, November 7, 2011

Kelly Kilmer's journal class - lots of pics

For being near such a large, artsy city, there seems to be a real dearth of art classes of the sort I'm interested in. But - recently Kelly Kilmer came to Oakland and taught 3 days worth of classes in a private home. I went for the Sunday class, which was a collage journal class, First you made your journal, then you collaged in it.

We chose two pieces of handmade paper which, glued together, became the journal cover, then we stitched in one large signature of 140lb watercolor paper. She hauled along a huge duffel bag of collage papers of all sorts - magazine pages, book pages, handmade papers, wrapping paper, etc - which we dug thru as we chose a pile of stuff that appealed to us. Then we worked our way thru 5 different pages, as Kelly directed us where to put various elements such as the focal point, the background, tape and so on. I've collaged enough that I'm comfortable with it, but it's still fun to work to someone else's tune and with materials that are new to you.

The pages are shown in the order I did them. Not sure if there's any difference to be seen as I worked or not. I collaged on only the right side page and think I'll journal on the left.
green outer cover, gray inside, black thread binding, with
ends knotted and left hanging, a look I like

The scruffy white strip near the top is part of the spine of a book.
It was in the collage bin and I liked the texture of it so I glued it down.

I like the colors in this one. I've always liked gray and the bits of yellow and red are just enough.

I love this circus image. I used to imagine I was a circus lady, riding a horse in a spangled tutu.
Me in the tutu, not the horse.

I like this one. Something about the b/w image with the sparkly turquoise accent.

A study in blues.

Lots of paper tape and stamping. And greens.

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  1. OMG, you have really been busy. Love the different types of collage work. Do you journal around the images? It is really wonderful. Looks like you may have used up a bunch of your stash.LOL Or do you need to go thrifting for more? LOL Can't wait to see more. HUgs. bb