Friday, December 9, 2011

gluebook pages

I made a few more of these, two of which will go off to Sue in Australia, altho I haven't yet decided which two. We got one of each other's in Mary Green's swap and have begun an email friendship. So nice to meet compatible people now and then, but too bad she's sooo far away. Ah, well...

These gluebook pages are quite enjoyable to make. For the background papers, I use pages from old books, some sheet music, maps, ledger pages, pretty much any vintage paper. Then I choose a focal image and sift thru my boxes of paper ephemera looking for things that seem to go with it. After auditioning many things, it always sort of shakes itself out and then I begin playing with the layout of the items. This on top of that? That on top of this? Left? Right? Eventually one way looks better than the others and that's the one I go with. It all makes for a pleasant hour at my vintage paper table. (as opposed to my current day materials desk or my computer desk) Try them, they're fun.

Every single item on all of these is the actual old paper, image, label, whatever, except for the girl in the lacy dress on the Rieger's page. She's a copy. It used to kill me to use the original of something but once I got past the first couple times, I'm really liking it. The finished product seems richer to me.

These labels are all from vintage threads and buttons I've had for ages.
Just couldn't stand to use them, but once I did, I love this page.
Sorry, Sue - I'm keeping this one lol.


  1. All these pages are lovely, Leslie. I particularly like the second one - I can't help but start to build a story round that collection of papers and photo.

    Lucky Sue!


  2. Nice work, Leslie. Don't you just love the sepia tones in all of the vintage paper? I love the lady in the long flowing dress...maybe just envious..wish I could fit into somethi8ng like that. But, like you, my favorite is the last one with the button card..Neat! Your Australian friend will love them. Hugs. bb

  3. Dear Leslie, Your gluebook pages are wonderful. I love Mary's classes & swaps! Thanks so much for responding to my question on Creative Swaps. I am grateful for your input. And, a belated thanks for the beautiful handmade card you made for me with a photo of my dad after he passed away. I simply could not respond at the time, I am sure you understand. Your card was very appreciated.

  4. Yep using original is the way to go - these turned out super cool! By the way, your ATC is in the mail (Miss Gwendoline felt you should be the lucky winner LOL)...will "write" you and B soon...Jewels