Tuesday, December 27, 2011

winter postcard

Beth and I decided to swap a 'winter' themed postcard. I was sort of stalled out on ideas until I bought an old photo while I was in Visalia visiting my friend Moneka. I started by cutting up a red file folder from work that had seen better days. I sewed the photo to one layer, then sewed two other pieces to the back to cover up the photo stitching and give it some stiffness.

Also got stalled out on the photo caption so I ended up going with the first thing that came to mind when I looked at the photo. The black and white image of the building just sitting there in the snow - no people or animals around, no smoke from the chimney. It almost looks deserted. It just looked really cold to me so I went with Baby it's cold outside. How original, huh? I think my brain just takes a vacation in December. The whole month's been sort of a fog memory. 'Dec 1949' was written on the back of the photo so I re-wrote it on the front.

Added some scroll work in the bottom corner, then a bunch of white dots (for snow? not sure what I was thinking) and a bunch of black dots since I was in dot mode, and called it done. I like the combo of straight and zigzag stitching around the photo. Saw that somewhere and thought it looked neat. Funny how the simplest ideas don't occur you until you see it someplace and then it's like a smack in the forehead. What a cool thing to do.

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  1. Yes, it is very COOL! I love it, Leslie. I think we overthink (Is that a word?) I thought it was a great combination. Happy snow and cold weather here in my toasty house. Hugs. Beth