Saturday, December 31, 2011


Ah, Beth. Your winter mailart postcard arrived today and it gave me much more pleasure than you can even imagine.

Every day I come home from work, set down my purse, briefcase and lunch box, open the bird's cage so he can climb out and run around on top, and then I walk the dog down to the mailbox. We live in a neighborhood where the communal mailbox has 11 little locked doors, plus a slot to drop mail. So all along the street, every 5 or 6 houses, there's a mailbox on a post. Ours happens to be about 3 houses down on our side of the street. It's the perfect distance to walk the dog at nite. Not too far that we both freeze, but far enough that she stops to water the grass and I get a look at the nite sky. Tonite's moon is a waxing crescent with a slight halo. Very pretty. I could have been a moon worshiper in another life.

Anyway, we get to the mailbox, I unlock the #5 door, grab my mail, and lock it back up. We turn around and wander back up the street as I flip thru the mail when suddenly I come to Beth's card. I stopped in my tracks and began to laugh out loud. Normally a postcard with the theme 'winter' wouldn't be especially funny, but Beth's card had the word 'joy' in little round stick-on letters. Some place between Michigan and California, the J had gone astray, so that when I looked at the card, it had this lovely pale blue and white music thing going on with the word OY in the bottom right corner. Too funny. It totally sums up my December.

Thanks, Beth, for the lovely card. And for the chuckle. I love it - both for how it was supposed to be, and for how it arrived in my mailbox.

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  1. OY is right!!! That's probably the ay I ill eel when tomorrows big snow storm hits. You think you got a chuckle...well, I'm still laughing. First, I want you to know, I laughed when I tried to sew around the tag and Joy. Your close up really shows my skill. I haven't sewn something in probably 5 years when I tried to shorten my gym pants. I got out my mom's old portable Singer and you can see the results. Just wish I had sewn the Letters, but thought it would break the needle. I could hear my mom saying..."Slow that thing down!"..I have a heavy foot. Anyway, now you know. My aunt has been sewing around my other cards with her fancy machine. But, she's gone to Florida. It's a grand finish to 2011. What a hoot. Glad you like it!Hugs. BB