Tuesday, December 27, 2011

note cards

During December, the blog One Lucky Day did a series of great projects. One of them were these note cards. Scroll down to see the cards. I thought they were really cute, dirt simple to make and suitable for almost anyone so I made some. I only had five decent pieces of stationary type paper in the house so that's all I made this time but plan to make more. You could tailor these to the time of year, the person's interests, etc. I used vintage papers, bits of doilies and laces, and some vintage stamens, all from my stash. So simple and so cute. Go make some. And thanks, One Lucky Day. The people I gave them to loved them.

wow, not sure why this is so blurry. Anyway, on the inside, I glued 3 squares of paper
on point to cover the back side of the stitching.

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