Sunday, June 16, 2013

first child journal page

Using up my old family pictures is very enjoyable. Most of them I'm just cutting up and putting on a journal page or a post card or an ATC. Not scanning them first. Not worrying about never having them again. Many of them go off into the world via the mail system of one or more countries and live out their lives far from home.

Altho they're far from home here with me, too, I guess. Home was mostly Ohio and Michigan. I'm in California.

Long ways. In distance as well as years. But it feels good, letting them go. No one to miss them but me, and I don't.

Gelli print background. Circles stamped from various circular items - empty scotch tape center, empty toilet paper roll, empty adding machine paper center. Hardly anything goes in the trash around here anymore lol. It's all in my studio.

Some pen work. A little machine stitching.


  1. I saw this one linked in Art Journaling! Love the bonnet! LOL Colors are great too!

  2. I read what you wrote on Karen's blog about using your family photos because you had no one to leave them to and I have been thinking about just that subject. My neighbor/friend have me a while box of her family photos for exactly the same reason an I have loved using them and sending them off but I've had trouble bringing myself to using my own...but I have been thinking of seeing yours I think I'd I can do it. What better use for them? Much better than ending up at an overpriced thrift shop or in a dumpster! (I have a son but he isn't interested in them at all) OK, I'm in!! want to trade??? And I see you listed my blog in your sidebar - who knew? Thanks.