Sunday, June 2, 2013

Journal Soup from 21 Secrets

page with tag in envelope
Yes, folks - here at One Woman's Hands, it's All 21 Secrets, All The Time. 

Because here's a journal page from Kate Crane's class Journal Soup. All this was from instructions in the first 14 minutes and 31 seconds of her class vid. The rest of the hour and 7 minute video is other techniques, coming soon to a blog near you lol.

My page looks completely different from hers but the basic idea is there. Spray, stamp, glue, doodle.
page without tag

I started with a page that already had a gelli ghost print on it from the large bubble wrap. Then I sprayed various inks, stamped a few stamps here and there. Made paint marks with bottle caps. Did the same to a small glassine envelope, and using slightly different colors, to a tag. 

Glued strips of the printed out painted page from Roben-Marie's class to the envelope, along with a cut down ticket. For the tag, I liked that little quote from an English/Chinese dictionary cause I do have a hard time socializing most of the time. 

Anyhow, the contrast of 'play' and 'socializing is hard' grabbed me, so that's how it all came together. Love all the colors in this. It's fun using my spray inks, which I don't do often enough. I tend to hoard them cause they're pricey. 

Kate isn't someone I'm familiar with but I like her teaching methods so far. And she's British, so it's fun listening to her.


  1. I need to take a look at her class now... I love the stuff you got done! You are just speeding through this 21 Secrets! I figure it will take me all year! LOL

  2. Beautiful! Really drawn to your tag!