Thursday, June 6, 2013

freebie vintage photos

This first one shows John and Josephine
and their three sons Clint, Franklin
and Harlan. No date.
This is a batch of photos from my husband's side of the family. Do as you will with them, including making projects to sell, but please do not sell them as themselves.

I'm going to caption each photo instead of trying to make this text line up right.
Here's Harlan as a baby in 1873.
This is a tintype. His expression slays me.

Harlan as a young man. No date.

Franklin and his bride Emma. 1896-ish

Frank and Emma again, motoring. No date.

Emma and their kids Lyle and Floyd. No date.

This couple seem to have been family friends.
What a pair, huh?

Josephine and her sons - Clint, Franklin, Harlan. No date.

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