Sunday, June 30, 2013


One of the current MMSA swaps is the color orange. Your postcards have to be predominantly orange, altho they can have bits of other colors on them. 

I made a few collage cards but became disenchanted with them while adding some doodles. Two of them went in the trash, which left me a few short for the swap so I got out the washi tape - something I tend to hoard instead of USE - and made 3 cards.

I paired 4 various orange tapes with a turquoise stripe, birds on a wire, graph paper with math, and gears. It was fun taping up the cards, overlapping and butting tapes to get various effects. I think there's more washi tape cards in my future.

I added the word 'washi' in ransom  letters cut from a magazine, then gave them a coat of Liquitex Gloss Medium and Varnish to make sure the tapes wouldn't peel up.
Added a bit of stitching and called them done. They'll be in the mail to Karen on Tuesday. 


  1. I love these, love orange and turquoise together, and the washi tapes work so well.

  2. Love that washi! NICe, hope one comes to me. xox

  3. Love that washi tape. Haven't seen birds on a wire, but I want it! I also like the way it overlaps giving a whole new dimension. Hugs.

  4. those are great. and I know what you mean about hoarding the washi tape instead of using it. guilty!

  5. THe first three looks very yellow to me, but oh so bright and summerishly beautiful! Use the tape, use it up, there is always more later.

  6. I rec'd your note about the MMSA non paper swap and yes, that thread/yarn tree on wood is totally amazing! It's very well sealed with a gloss finish and the threads have just a little metallic so it really is pretty. I'm lucky to have received it! You have some wonderful washis here! I often forget to use them.....