Sunday, September 14, 2014

epic gelli print session

I was overdue for a gelli printing session, so this morning, I turned on football, got all my stuff out, lined the kitchen counters with newspaper and went to town. 3 hours later I had 12 deli papers (last 2 pics), 14 typing papers (second 2 pics), and 18 postcards (first 2 pics) gellied to a fare-thee-well and I was done. Too much fun. Some of each will be going to my gelli print swap group as each person's name comes up on the rotation. The rest I'll use myself. Or just look thru now and then, cause I love most of them. All that color. Yowza!


  1. Fantastic colors! Looks like you (and the kitchen) had fun!!! You inspired me to make more too!

  2. That pinkish orange and greenish blue look so wonderful together! Nice job!

  3. amazing! I'm jealous - yours look like they all turned out and I'm lucky if I get even half to look decent....I still can't quite get my head around the best way to do layers and often end up with a hot mess on top! I use bits and pieces of those but would be embarrassed to send them out. Unlike yours that look so great, anyone would be thrilled to get one!