Friday, September 26, 2014

OMG - where's my ark?

So this just happened over the last hour or so. There was only a 20% chance of rain today. It started raining, got harder, hailed, rained, rained, rained, and eventually flooded out the huge intersection in front of our store. Gorgeous double rainbow, the brightest main rainbow I've ever seen, all the way across the sky. Crazy, crazy hour of weather.

That little tree across the street? It's about 5 feet from the street curb.
The water has risen all the way past it.
Same on this side - water clear up to our parking lot.

About 12" of water in the middle of the street.

The curb and street is about 10 feet further out.
Under all the water is a sidewalk and 5 more feet of grass.

In my car about to turn left, away from the worst of the flooding.

This is a normal intersection most of the time.
Today it's a lake.
Super bright rainbow.



  1. Awesome rainbows...but that flooding? Is that normal for your area??

  2. Wow! That is amazing. Love the rainbows!

  3. Holy Toledo L!!! We had a big storm not too long ago and I got caught in the local grocery store. When I walked out to my car the water was over my ankles...but you look like you got alot more!

  4. Sheesh! Great rainbow pics - that's one helluva lot of water!