Monday, September 8, 2014

it was that or nothing

Went to Oakland airport recently to pick up my stepson who lives in Africa. We were a bit early so parked in the cell phone waiting lot. Knowing we'd probably wait, I'd brought a book to read and my sketchbook. Didn't feel like reading so looked around for something to draw. Big boring buildings and lots of cars. <snore> By sitting sideways in my seat, I was able to see the hillside across the road. Still not terribly fascinating but it was that or nothing so I sketched it.

Took a photo of it before we left so that I could paint it later. Just got around to that this morning and once again, I'm pretty happy with it, considering it's a hillside devoid of flowers, with a guardrail along the top and pavement below. The yellow part coming down thru the grass is where they must have re-seeded or something. It was dry and scruffy looking, much like I painted it. As I said, little to choose from.

But yay for the continued sketching!


  1. You're right - Yay for continued sketching! I have to say, you've inspired me and I dug out my sketchpad this last weekend....I really have to fight myself that it's not "good enough" - get over it Terrie, it's practice, practice, practice! I'll keep going if you will.

  2. are really on to something with I think maybe I should try sketching too....