Sunday, August 4, 2013

1 out, 5 outs

Actually, I have more than one going out but you've seen the others already.
This one was made on the package from a set of foam insoles.
Any cardboard is fair game in my house. Gelli prints background
(what else!! gotta use up those 300 papers somehow)
magazine images and letters, some doodling.

Cute little hand drawn and painted chickadee card from Dawn.
I always love book text backgrounds, and her shaded writing is cool.

Marvelous collage from Connie Rose. I was crazy about her
 ICAD series and this card is sort of in that style -
few elements, minimal color palette.
And the motto was written just for me, I'm sure of it, because
I could eat Mex every day of the week!

Another hand drawn, hand painted card, this time from Peggy.
Because my drawing skills are, um, *poor*, I always appreciate
hand drawn cards. The colors in this one are lovely,
and the sentiment is a good one.
Love the little border. It's a small detail but really
makes a difference to the final look.

A fun collaged card from Trula.
I love the mix of color and b/w elements
on this card, something I shy away from
cause I think they don't 'go' together.
Well, obviously they do!
Also love the ransom note message.
This is a heavily collaged card from Lynn.
It started life as a huge collage that she then cut into postcards.
I love this card for the same reason I love scrap quilts -
there's just so much to look at.
And Mr Saturday Afternoon cracks me up.


  1. Great cards! Glad to see mine in the mix!

  2. Leslie, please tell me you've had that lawn mower card for ages, and that you didn't just get it recently---I think I mailed it to you at least 2 months ago?!

  3. These are all really wonderful and different Leslie - just looking at them I get a gazillion ideas!!!!!

  4. You have some lovely mail there! Lucky you!

  5. Yummy cards and thrilled to see mine there, too!! Thank you!